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10 Stunning Vintage Magazine Covers Featuring Carmen Dell'Orefice

The 81-year-old Dell'Orefice first graced the cover of Vogue 66 years ago.

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At 81 years old, Carmen Dell’Orefice is known for being the world's oldest working model. Her career began at the age of fifteen in 1946, by the following year she was on the cover of “Vogue.”

1. "Vogue", October 1947

Dell’Orefice first Vogue cover at age 16.

Dell’Orefice first Vogue cover at age 16.

2. "Vogue", May 1948

3. "Vogue", November 1948

4. "Vogue", May 1951

5. "Vogue", May 1955

6. "Harper's Bazaar", October 1957

7. "Harper's Bazaar", May 1958

8. Harper's Bazaar, May 1959

9. "British Vogue", July 1959

10. "Harper's Bazaar", July 1959

Today, Dell’Orefice continues to model in runway shows, editorials, ad campaigns, and of course, the occasional magazine cover.

Madame , October 2010

Madame , October 2010

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