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    10 Ridiculously Homoerotic Cowboy Themed Photos Of '90s Male TV Stars

    In the November 1996 issue of Details, photographer David LaChapelle took Simon Rex, James Marsden, Jerry O'Connell, and few other TV stars, and gave them a cowboy makeover. It's weird.

    1. MTV star Simon Rex going for a Depeche Mode “Personal Jesus” cowboy look or perhaps the look is a nod to his porn star past?

    2. Sliders star (remember Sliders?) Jerry O'Connell in a vinyl vest! My only question, is that vest painted on?

    3. Have you accepted Renegade star Lorenzo Llamas as your sheriff/savior?

    4. Are you ready for a roll in the hay with James Marsden? He was one of the stars of ABC's Second Noah.

    5. Jim Davidson of Pacific Blue (?) and a dead horse.

    6. Baywatch star David Chokachi wants to be your space cowboy (your gangster of love).

    7. Michael Gallagher, one of the stars of the short-lived Fox show Fire Co. 132, rocking the bolo tie.

    8. Jamie Walters takes a break from beating up Tori Spelling on Beverly Hills, 90120, to judge a minivan race.

    9. Baywatch Nights (yup, that was a show) star Eddie Cibrian, dressed like he is going to a cowboy themed party at Liberace’s house.

    10. Clearly, Melrose Place star David Charvet also got an invitation to the party.