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The 50 Worst Politicians In America (By State)

Is yours worse than Idaho's? (We think not.) Also, Vermont and Washington state, you guys lucked out.

Brian F. 7 years ago

17 Weird Conspiracy Theories

There had to be something sinister about My Little Pony.

Brian F. 8 years ago

Apocalypse Not: 21 Doomsday FAILs

These people all claimed the End of the World was nigh, but they were all wrong.

Brian F. 8 years ago

Theo The Shakespearean Toddler Makes Our Ovaries Explode

We’re not sure why great British actor Brian Cox is teaching this 30-month old boy Hamlet, but it’s adorable nonetheless. “To be or not to be, that is the question.” To hear little Theo’s “answer” to that apparent question, you’ll just have to watch this.

Brian F. 9 years ago

Is This SYMS Ad Sexist, Offensive, Or Hilarious?

Jezebel alerted us to an ad that seems to suggest that you can forget a woman's name, present her with dead flowers, laugh at her for having opinions, make her pay for dinner (the nerve of some people!), and generally come off like Tucker Max without any of the "charm," as long as-- you wear the right suit.

Brian F. 10 years ago

5 Women Hotter Than 'The Sexiest Woman Alive'

In accepting this distinct honor, Kate Beckinsale quipped, "This whole notion of being named Sexiest Woman Alive is going to earn me quite a beating." The internet is going to help in that beating, for sure...

Brian F. 10 years ago

How to Break Up With Someone... Nicely

Writing nasty messages on the hood of his car doesn't count.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Hot Or Not: Sheryl Crow Topless

Sheryl Crow has gone from Everyday Is A Winding Road to Every Song Is A Sack of Shit. She'll never be forgiven our eyes for her elevator/American Idol version of The First Cut Is The Deepest. Luckily, Crow has always made up for hit-and-miss pop career by posing for increasingly-revealing promotional shoots.

Brian F. 10 years ago

David Letterman: "Yes, I Had Sex With Staff Members"

During a live taping yesterday, David Letterman admitted he was the victim of an extortion plot after he slept with multiple members of his staff. No wonder he waited so long to get married...

Brian F. 10 years ago

Introducing the Vagina Dentata Shirt

Have you seen this hideous/hilarious vagina dress, which Rachel Sklar of Mediaite calls a “vagina dentata shirt”? Do you remember what a vagina dentata is at least?

Brian F. 10 years ago

People Posing Naked In Apartment Ads

We came across a random Craig’s List apartment sublet ad today with a nudie pic in it. This isn’t the first time, of course, but we can’t imagine there’s a good reason for it. The scary part is, we’ve started to see this trend cropping up in posts that aren’t by scammers. Has anyone else noticed this?

Brian F. 10 years ago

Anna Friel Is Naked Onstage

Remember when we told you about Anna Friel’s groundbreaking X-rated turn in an “upcoming” remake of Breakfast At Tiffany’s? Well, we had all of the details right except one: this X-rated take on the Holly Golightly story isn’t a movie, it’s live onstage…

Brian F. 10 years ago

Vampire Diaries Stars Arrested For Flashing Georgia

Why are these TV stars smiling for their mugshots? Because this is the only time they'll ever get arrested and actually boost their careers.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Lady Gaga Can’t Stop Getting Naked For You

We had no idea there was a Vogue Japan, but we’re not at all surprised. The fact that Lady Gaga is all tied up in bondage gear in the latest issue should be no big shocker either.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Penelope Cruz Is The Topless Star Of 2009

Pedro Almodovar’s film Broken Embraces doesn’t premiere in the United States until November, but it’s not too early to declare Penelope Cruz the nude star of the year.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Bikini Teacher Now Stuck Doing Adult Films

Tiffany Shepherd became a one-day national media favorite in April of 2008 when she was fired from her teaching job for working on a yacht and taking photos in her bikini. Now, Shepherd has turned to the only business that will have her: the porn industry.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Wife Makes Husband Wear Sign That Says "I Cheated"

“I Cheated. This Is My Punishment” reads the sign around William Taylor’s neck. No, the IRS hasn’t implemented a new program for tax cheats: Taylor’s wife put him out there, right in the middle of one of the area’s busiest intersections...

Brian F. 10 years ago

Caps-Lock Comedy

Did you know there's a "WTF" tag on Amazon? There are dozens of classic products on that one feed, including this gem, which involves crazy religious fanatics and the tiresome use of the caps lock.

Brian F. 10 years ago

Hotel Puts On Live Sex Shows For Pedestrians

Imagine that you’re a New York City hotel owner and you’re suffering under the new economy. Then imagine that a major new park opens right in front of your building, which has floor-to-ceiling windows. Do you… c) put on a sex show for passerby?

Brian F. 10 years ago

Stripper Clothes For Your Toddler

Here's a story that should give even the most hardcore anarchist child-hater pause (no offense to anarchists): a baby shirt with stripper's tassels on it...

Brian F. 10 years ago