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Badass Wall-E

Something tells me this would have made for a very different movie.

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

Snowball Fights: You're Doing It Wrong

Think you're tough? Think you're a crack shot when it comes to tossing snowballs? You got nothing on these three Princeton University students from 1893.

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

Hobbit Second Breakfast Celebration!

Mark the 75th anniversary of the publication of Tolkien's beloved classic by taking part in the hobbit tradition of second breakfast. "Inspired by the ideals cherished by hobbits everywhere: camaraderie, companionship and, of course, a love of good food." I know what I'll be doing Sept. 21st at 11am sharp.

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

A Christmas Story 2

"The official sequel." I wish this were a Funny Or Die video. But it's not. This is a straight-to-DVD monstrosity, an assault on our childhoods. And Daniel Stern is in it.

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

The Journey of Walter White

"From Mr. Chips to Scarface" in eight minutes. Stirring and effective fan-made supercut of the entire five-season character arc of Breaking Bad's protagonist. At the risk of stating the obvious, SPOILER ALERT.

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

Disney Star Wars

Artist Nathan H. Boyd's well-done mash-up of, as he says, "me drawing other people's characters as different other people's characters."

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

Make Way For Ducklings In Real Life

Dramatic and terrifying video of a mother duck leading her ducklings across a busy five-lane highway. Don't worry, like Robert McCloskey's classic picture book, this story has a happy ending!

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago

Shit Apple Fans Say

Sure, they're a few months late to this meme, but this is still maybe the most accurate and hilarious one yet. "Gestures!"

Brian Cassidy 7 years ago