Lost 90s Items: Where Are They Now?

From Clear Cola and Furby and Grunge to “Whatever,” the 90s proved to be a nostalgia-filled decade. But what happened to all of the lost toys, tastes and trends? We did some research!

1. Tamagotchis

Status: Still Around! Now, Tamagotchis have an online element and, most importantly, a way to turn off the sound.

2. Surge

Status: Long gone … in the U.S., that is. You can still buy Surge in Norway, where it’s called Urge.

3. Big Mouth Billy Bass

Status: Although you can still find Billy online and at garage sales everywhere, the singing fish is no longer being produced.

4. Dream Phone

Status: The latest Dream Phone edition replaces the enormous hot pink handset with a smartphone and delivers clues via text message.

5. Dunkaroos

Status: Although many fans mistakenly think they have been discontinued, you can still find these tasty treats at select Walmart, Costco and dollar stores or online.

6. Gak

Status: Gak came back in 2012.

7. Lisa Frank School Supplies

Status: Still here! In 2011 Lisa Frank began selling clothing. There’s also an iPhone app and Lisa Frank Pic n’ Share, which allows users to Lisa Frankify their own photographs with her colorful characters. Also, yes, she is a real person.

8. Furby

Status: in 2012, Furby 2.0 hit sores from Hasbro, now with backlit LCD eyes, an available iPad app and a price that’s about twice as much as it was in the 90s.

9. Beanie Babies

Status: The original Beanie Babies line was “retired” in 2008 but brought back a year later. In 2009, a Bo the Portuguese Water Dog Beanie Baby was issued to honor President Obama’s pet.

Find even more lost 90s items in the book the Totally Sweet 90s by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper and Brian Bellmont.

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