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    • Response to Orwell Or Obama?:

      Meta data does not equate to “listening in on phone calls”. Example of how meta data would be used:
      Known terroristXcalls 10 people,2of which are U.S. phone numbers. The meta data details who called who. The FBI getsawarrant on the two U.S. phone numbers; upon further investigation the FBI determines whether or not the two U.S. persons are working with the known terrorist to conduct an attack. The government is not indiscriminately listening in on phone calls. Programs like these prevent terrorist attacks onafrequent basis. Our liberties are not being trampled. Our Congress, which is divided on just about everything, agrees with this program and what it does to stop terrorist attacks before they happen. The world isabrutal place and ideological arguments are irrelevant when bombs are going off. We can preserve completely unadulterated liberty to all that would do harm against us, enabling the enemy to do kill innocents, or we can be proactive and mitigate future attacks.

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