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Why #KirbysDreamLandChallenge Is An Absolute Treasure

This is important.

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Most of us know Kirby. The chubby little pink blob who stole our Nintendo hearts. / Via

Just look at him.

But recently some jamz from his Dream Land game have been blowing up the internet.

He's still cute as ever.

And by the way, the theme song goes with EVERYTHING

Don't believe us? Check out this classic:

Don't worry, we're full of classics:

~*all the single Kirbys*~

Gabriel Iglesias knows how to get down with Kirby

It will fit in with any normal life situation...

...and make you laugh as hard as this arctic fox.

This song makes normal people look like they have talent!

With Kirby, dogs are more excited...

...and Waka Flocka is on it with the remix.

Even when you can't dance, Kirby's got you.

And maybe if Trump were always under Kirby's influence, he wouldn't be awful.

No matter who you are, Kirby will make you look good.

So let loose and let Kirby take over!

At least until it turns into an overdone fad...

...but until that happens, we'll be here dancing away! #ChampagneKirby

Just don't forget that we do this all in honor of the little guy. / Via

Keep it up, Kirb.

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