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The 6 Stages Of Studying For Finals

We know them well.

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It's that time of year again

It surprises us every year... / Via

Even though we literally always know it's coming.

So before it truly sets in, let's go over the 6 stages we'll be going through together over the next two weeks.

STAGE ONE: Confidence and Determination

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Thanksgiving is over and you're prepared AF to confront these finals.

You are ready to ignore any and all distractions.

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"I'm going to wreck these finals," you tell yourself.

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And then...

STAGE TWO: Realization and Shock

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You suddenly see the reality of the situation.

So. Much. Work.

So. Much. Work.

You try and play it cool...

...when in fact you are not cool.

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Yet despite the panic, you still manage to make it to the next stage.

STAGE THREE: Procrastination

Down the rabbit hole you go.
Briana Rinaldo

Down the rabbit hole you go.

Social media suddenly seems so interesting.

@brianarinaldo / Via Twitter: @BrianaRinaldo

Screw Political Science, LOOK AT THIS!

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You've made it to the point where the small wins are your everything.

Then it sets in: you may need an out.
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Then it sets in: you may need an out.

STAGE FOUR: Evaluating Your Options


The real Most Dangerous Game

Even mythical options seem feasible


The closer the exam, the more drastic the measure.


*opens door*

*rolls out*

But finally...

STAGE FIVE: Acceptance


It's happening whether you want it to or not.


But that can only mean one thing is next...

STAGE SIX: Victory and Relief

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And even though some stress may follow



brianarinaldo / Via

Get weird.

So this finals week...


*chugs coffee*

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