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Just 13 Tumblr Jokes About US Politics

Because we need them right now.

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If you know anything about the United States Political climate, you know our spirits need a little lifting lately.

We're living in a crazy house...

Not even Ken Bone can save us.

*gently wipes single tear*

So let's all have a sit and just laugh about it on Tumblr for a minute.

1. Let's start with a solid classic / Via

2. Continue easing yourself into the jokes...ahhhh... / Via

3. Now enjoy this controversial/hilarious gem / Via

4. This joke that makes you a bit curious/skeptical... / Via

5. This one that's more of a no-brainer than a joke / Via

6. The Melania Joke / Via

7. This beautiful piece of dad-jokery / Via

8. When Seth Myers got real with comedy / Via

9. Then when politicians ~*tried*~ to get real / Via

10. The joke for those of us that still have hope / Via

11. The joke for humor newbies / Via

12. The Parks & Rec dig / Via

13. And finally: the crowd-pleaser / Via

Okay, November, let's just get this over with.

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