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How To Live With Student Loans!!

How to live a normal, stress free life without worrying about the huge burden that is your student loans....? Uh, let's talk.

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So how am I living life knowing I have a butt load to pay back in student loans? / Via Google Images

Let's see...


I went to a crappy school because I was too young and dumb to even think about doing proper research.

I owe thousands of dollars to the government! But I'm broke...

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Realizing I got myself into debt way before I turned 21, that's awesome!

I had to move back home and "couch hop" because I'm broke, once again!

I'm forced to think about all of the poor decisions I've ever made, during and after college.

I feel like I've taken a million steps backwards because I didn't finish college even though I owe THOUSANDS!

My depression and anxiety gets worse every single day...

I owe so much with nothing to show for it but bad credit and a deteriorating mental state.

I see people my age with their ish together. While I'm just...

Sooo many regrets!

So many things I took for granted.

So many things I should have done differently.


But you know what? Even after all of this, I find myself wondering...would I do it all over again?


Though I would definitely pick a different school, what I experienced, the people I've met, the memories I've made; they're all something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

So my advice to anyone who's thinking about going to college or going back...

RESEARCH THE EFF OUT OF THAT SCHOOL! If it's something you really want to do, study what you're passionate about, then by all means go for it. But do your research, schedule a tour if you can, speak to someone or a few people who have graduated from that school or even people who are currently attending. Find out all you can. Make sure they don't have a history of getting sued(my mistake). Make sure they're legit and accredited(another mistake). Don't rush into it(...I'm not proud of myself). College is a great investment if you're going for something that makes you happy. Everyone's experiences are different as far as friends and parties and that whole bit but education is key, that's why you're there. The parties will for sure come and go and to some people that's "the college life", it wasn't for me but like I said everyone's experiences are different. Student loans are expected but they don't have to be your only option. Look for grants, scholarships, any help you can get to make the financial burden a little less heavy. Don't be afraid to ask for help from the financial aid department, make sure you know all of your options, and ask as many questions as possible; it's what they're there for. If you think you're getting on their nerves SO WHAT they're not paying for your education so until that happens BUG. THEM! Get a job as well, nothing like having your own money. If I could go back of course there would be so much I would do differently but since I am without that option I have to work with the few options I have as far as school.

It's hard but...such as life.

It gets least, that's what they say.

That's my random rant for the day! Thanks and good luck!

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