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    Updated on Jun 2, 2019. Posted on Jun 2, 2019

    I Tried Ecommerce For 15 Days, Is It Still Worth It In 2019?

    I'm sure you have heard about dropshipping, print on demand and how a few college dropouts have made millions from it. But how do the eCommerce and online retail model hold in 2019? I set out to put eCommerce to the test!

    It's been dubbed "the greatest economic opportunity of our generation" and at the helm of it all are guys like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma, two of the wealthiest people in the world according to Forbes Magazine. Virtual online stores like Amazon are putting prestigious American establishments like Sears to file for bankruptcy. Big names everywhere are struggling due to monumental shifts in the way consumers shop, eCommerce is raking in a pretty substantial kill count in the retail industry, and it's come of no surprise to many people.


    So there real question stands, can the average person hop onto the eCommerce boom wagon? Well, the answer is yeah, they can! The internet is populated with websites allowing the average person to create their very own eCom store, just like Jeff himself! But are these websites really profitable? Can the average Jimmy make a quick buck in the ever vastly growing world of eCommerce? I set out to create my own virtual business on Krepling, a website that pretty much allows you to create an eCom business from scratch. They have a pretty simple interface and it didn't take me very long to get used to it all. I decided to dropship wireless chargers that I found on Aliexpress, they seemed pretty easy to market and also seemed like a reasonably fashionable niche to start off with. I managed to build the front end of my website in a couple of hours with the help of a pretty straight forward builder, I then organized my product sections and I was ready to begin taking orders.


    Overall getting into eCommerce is fairly easy, however, what about finding any form of success in it? Most people who start in eCommerce end up pulling out very quickly and become disheartened by the fact that they haven't made any sales or turned over any profit. However, little do they know that they may have missed out on a potential gold mine. When speaking to a couple of eCom gurus, who found a major upheaval of success in the industry, they all say the key to success is a good marketing campaign and consistency. Getting the right brand together and sticking it through the times where you aren't seeing any sales can be quite a gut-wrenching challenge, but it can be worth it in the end. Investing in the right marketing campaigns might be a good idea, websites like Fiver and UpWork all have tones of experts willing to cater to your store's needs, even Krepling had a couple of highly affordable marketing packages, so where there is a will there is a way!


    On my 15 day quest, I managed to rack in a total of 5 sales, considering I had run just 2 Instagram ads and not spent a dime on marketing, I didn't think it was too shabby. But during those 15 days, I managed to delve a little bit deeper into the "greatest opportunity of our generation" and found that there are a few misconceptions, that mainly being that it's a "get rich quick scheme", but overall there is a lot of money to be made in such a vastly growing market. That being said, money does not grow on trees, there is a level of effort involved, but not as much as the other economic opportunities presented in 2019. Considering the king of e-commerce is currently the richest person alive according to Forbes magazine, it might not seem a bad idea to follow in his footsteps.

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