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The Tiny Reference You Probably Missed In "This Is Us" Last Night

I love you more.

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Last night's episode of This Is Us had us all like:

Disney/Pixar / Via

Could this get any worse?

But there is one, small good thing that came out of it.

NBC / Via

When Rebecca says goodbye to Randall, he says "I love you, mom", to which she responds "I love you more", to which he says "I love you most".

ICYMI, writer and creator, Dan Fogelman, is also the writer of the greatest Disney film ever made, Tangled.

Starring Mandy Moore, obviously. Well, the above conversation was a fun little Easter egg for Tangled fans:

Disney / Via

I've been waiting for a Tangled reference since this started, and now I finally have one.

Please give me more moments like this in the midst of all the sobbing, Dan.

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