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What You Need To Know About Creating A Wordpress Website

There are hundreds of thousands of web hosts out there, and only few meets the minimum requirement.

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Creating a WordPress website can seem simple enough at first glance, but in reality we must plan several activities. If the design, site content and SEO are important points, it is necessary at first to learn about the opportunities available for accommodation. Below are some of the terms you need to get familiar with before proceeding to "creating a wordprss website.

Definitions to Remember

Area included: In the purchase of hosting, a domain name will be offered (eg

Disk Space: The size usually GB of data you can store online.

Monthly Traffic: The amount of data that the site visitors can download to a month for a normal site (which simply provides consultation pages) it is estimated that 1GB monthly traffic can support up to 100 visits per day.

MySQL Database: database management system. It is part of the database management software most used in the world, as much by the general public (mainly web applications) by professionals (eg management of catalog or forms).

FTP account: account used to connect through a transfer software (FileZilla) to upload files to your website.

Email account: The number of email accounts you can create with the extension of your domain (

Minimum System Requirements

In creating a WordPress site, you'll need to know some information in particular concerning the technical requirements of the latter. Before choosing a web host, it is essential to move towards a particular configuration offering at least:

The support of PHP and MySQL, Linux based Apache or one with LiteSpeed, The "Module rewrite" that cleans the URI's, a memory of at least 32MB script.

These conditions allows you to select multiple hosts, but then you must take into account other elements ...

shared or dedicated server:

These are two different accommodations that do not offer the same skills.

Shared hosting

The pooled supply is generally very affordable since some companies offer packages for 3 or 4 euros per month. However, you must know in advance the pros and cons before embarking.

These formulas include several clients, so this is a roommate and it can be quite complex to manage. Indeed, if a customer consumes bandwidth, the impact is usually observed on other sites. This offer may be suitable for platforms that receive regular updates, but the audience is still medium or low.

The Dedicated Server

Conversely, when several thousand unique visitors come to the site every day, the limits of shared hosting will be quickly exceeded. The implications are significant, since the site will be unavailable at times and delays will be observed. In this case, it will turn to a dedicated server. The tariff is much more important since it takes no less than 20 euros per month. Therefore, the more skills will be important over the displayed price.

Thus, to choose between a shared or dedicated hosting, simply identify their needs and audience. In all cases, the companies offer customizable options, so it is quite possible to change according to the increase site performance.

Free hosting

Not all accommodations on the internet are paid for, because some platforms are Free. We must once again identify their needs and go for the best Wordpress hosting before signing up, for better productivity. You can also get a cheap Wordpress hosting service sweating it out.

However, if the site owner offers advertisements, photos and many articles, it is unwise to use this free system. Also, do not forget that WordPress site will be followed in the address bar of the mention of the hosting site. It may seem so convenient enough to subscribe to a paid shared hosting that will offer a similar concept, but whose performance will be higher.

Do not neglect certain services

The host also must offer some services for the launch to be optimal. For a WordPress website, it is essential to have at least 100 MB storage capacity.

When the platform will be updated (new photos, articles, videos ...), the set will be stored in a MySQL database. The latter must be supported by the host, who will also offer a password and a user name when validating the order.

The backup is also taken into account; most hosts offer at no extra cost, an automatic backup every 24hours over a period of at least 30 days.

Some companies offer complete packages with integrated domain name. This greatly facilitates the procedures since all subscriptions are made at the same time. In this case, it will take a few extra hours for the domain name to be started. The majority of hosts shall make available to Internet users an effective form to check availability of a domain name.

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