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12 Adventures College Students Go On All The Time

Get ready for action--school is back in session! Equip your Backpack Brand backpack and start your adventure.

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1. There are adventures that take you deep into enemy territory.

Michael Hansong / Via Flickr: thumichaelrocks

2. There are adventures to exotic lands far outside your realm.

Jazmin Million / Via Flickr: jazminmillion

3. There are adventures in the far future...

Huffington Post / Via

4. ...and adventures in the land that time forgot.

Dan Zen / Via Flickr: danzen

5. There are adventures that require the skills of a martial arts master.

Silicon Prairie News / Via Flickr: siliconprairienews

6. Other adventures require a little bit more stealth.

Michigan Engineering / Via Flickr: michigan-engineering

7. There are adventures that take you across vast distances.

Zach Dischner / Via Flickr: zachd1_618

8. Other adventures take place deep within your subconscious.

Lisa / Via Flickr: lilybop

9. Adventures take place even when Mother Nature is not on your side.

Loyola University Chicago / Via Flickr: loyolauniversitychicago

10. There are adventures that require the entire team...

Jonathan Heisler / Via Flickr: jheisler

11. ...and other adventures that require you to fly solo.

Amy Claxton / Via Flickr: inparistexas

12. This is the adventure that will change everything forever.

Visha Angelova / Via Flickr: dewfall

Life is an adventure. With a Backpack Brand backpack, you're ready for it.

Providence College Alumni Relations / Via Flickr: 50926066@N06

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