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What’s The Best TED Talk You’ve Ever Seen?

~The more you know.~

TED Talks, like this one by Shonda Rhimes, are a great way to find some inspiration, and may even change your life. / TED

Maybe Amy Cuddy taught you the power of body language, and ways to tackle those times you don't feel confident. / TED

Perhaps Dr. Ken Robinson got you to think more creatively, and to challenge the standard way of doing things. / TED

Or maybe Susan Cain made you see value in your inner-introvert, and you realized just how important you are to the world. / TED

Time for your daily dose of motivation! So tell us: What's the most inspiring TED Talk you've ever seen, and why?


Tell us how it inspired you in the comments below for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!