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What’s The Most Fucked-Up Thing You Did While Playing "The Sims"?

Sims life is not always a bed of rosebuds.

The Sims is an amazing game, particularly because you can let your inner freak flag fly. I mean, who isn't guilty of drowning a Sim or two?

Perhaps you were sadistic AF and turned your household into a real-life Hunger Games.

Or maybe your Sim was just the worst goddamn parent in history and peed or threw up on their child.

Maybe you had a house full of artists who were only allowed to eat or sleep if, and only if, they crafted beautiful masterpieces.

And then there's always this messed-up classic.

We're all damn monsters, tbh. So tell us: What's the most messed-up thing you've ever done playing The Sims? Be sure to tell us all of the disturbing details.