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What's The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume You've Ever Had?

"I'm a mouse, duh!"–Mean Girls

It's happened to everyone; you're days before Halloween and you had to whip up a costume QUICK.

Did you find some electric tape lying around and decide to make yourself a stick figure?

Perhaps you glued some popsicle sticks together, put on a hat, and you were suddenly Wilson from Home Improvement

Maybe one year you put your kid in a bear onesie, threw a shirt on their head, and called them an Ewok.

Perhaps you went as a Sim simply by sticking a green diamond on your head band.

Or maybe you turned to Google for inspiration and it turned into the best last-minute idea of all.

THERE'S STILL TIME! So show us: What's the best last-minute Halloween costume you've ever had?

Upload a picture of your costume in the dropbox below and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!