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21 Brilliant Tina Fey Quotes That Prove She's The Ultimate Boss

Happy 45th birthday, Tina Fey!

In honor of her birthday, we asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite Tina Fey quote. Here are some of her witty words.

1. On perfection:

2. On opportunities:

3. On being a team player:

4. On being a troll:

5. On having a "funny bone."

6. On beauty standards:

7. On being a boss:

8. On showing your emotions:

9. On having a sense of humor:

10. On the patriarchy:

11. On being a B:

12. On Amy Poehler:

13. On being "blorft."

14. On staying true to yourself:

15. On homophobia:

16. On gay marriage:

17. On slut-shaming:

18. On ambition:

19. On confidence:

20. On "going for it."

21. On being Tina Fey:

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