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    23 Things Teachers Actually Want For Christmas

    Like an endless budget to spend on school supplies.

    We recently asked the teachers of BuzzFeed Community what they really wanted for Christmas. Get out your journals and take notes.

    1. For students to be quiet when you're trying to teach.

    2. For parents to realize when they don't have a precious little angel who does no wrong.

    3. Wine. ALL of the wine.

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    4. Or at least a margarita machine in the teacher’s lounge.


    5. A regularly scheduled nap time. For kids and teachers.

    6. For just one day to pass without anybody crying.

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    7. For students to realize it's not OK to turn in work that was due two months ago and expect credit for it.

    8. Or for students to stop asking for extra credit when they never do the regular work.

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    9. A fair salary that matches the importance of the work they do.


    10. For the heat in the classroom to not be either lava-hot or tundra-cold.


    11. To be given free classroom decorations to decorate to their hearts' content.


    12. A full-time helper elf.

    "I do not have enough ears/legs/hands/brains to help 17 first-graders at one time!"


    13. To get Starbucks delivered every morning at 6 a.m.

    "Parents should definitely pay for my fuel to deal with their crazy kids."


    14. A “Get Out of Doing Paperwork Free” card.


    15. For students to actually listen to directions.

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    16. To get some comfortable and functional desks that aren't fifty years old.

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    17. To never hear the words “books” and “boring” in the same sentence ever again.

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    18. And a little less of the old "you only do it for the time off in the summer."

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    19. For students to actually return the pencils they borrow.

    20. A magical grading fairy.


    –Sarah Elizabeth, Facebook

    21. An endless budget to spend on school supplies.


    22. Fewer standardized tests so you can teach content you actually care about.



    23. And when all else fails, a simple thank-you note from a student is the best possible thing.


    "Just to know all the late nights, stacks of papers, and endless packs of Post-its were worth it."


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