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    27 Simple Costumes You Can Totally Make The Day Before Halloween

    Just because it's last-minute doesn't mean you can't win Halloween.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the best last-minute Halloween costumes they've ever had. Here are some ideas for the procrastinator in you.

    1. Your Tinder Profile


    What you'll need: A white shirt and some construction paper.

    2. A Sim


    What you'll need: Paper green diamond, glue, and a headband.

    (Naked Sim is optional, with poster board, some cardboard squares, and a string to hang it around your neck.)

    3. Captain Underpants


    What you'll need: A red cape and some tighty-whiteys.

    4. The Operation Game IRL


    What you'll need: Skin-color tights/clothes, construction paper, tape, and some tongs.

    5. Dick in a Box From SNL


    What you'll need: Just a boxed Christmas present.

    6. Rubik's Cube


    What you'll need: A black box, some construction paper, and tape.

    7. Movie Theater Floor


    What you'll need: Leftover boxes/bags of candy, tape, and black clothes.

    8. Beanie Baby


    What you'll need: An animal-print onesie and a "ty" tag made out of cardboard.

    9. E.T.


    What you'll need: A red hoodie, a basket, a cutout of E.T.'s face, and a towel to cover him.

    10. Arthur and Buster


    What you'll need: Animal ears, a sweater or polo, and some light jeans.

    11. Emoji Ballerina Girls


    What you'll need: A black tank top and black shorts. (Optional: blonde wigs.)

    Just make sure you're kicking your leg out the whole night.

    12. CatDog


    What you'll need: Tan shirts, animal ears, face paint, a friend, and a tube (or something else) to connect the two of you.

    13. A Bunch of Grapes


    What you'll need: Just a whole bunch of purple, red, or green balloons.

    14. Flo From Progressive


    What you'll need: A white shirt, a white apron, a name tag, and the Progressive logo.

    15. Grumpy Cat


    What you'll need: Cat ears, some makeup, and a coat or vest with some fur on it.

    16. iPod Squad


    What you'll need: Pretty much just a lot of colored masking tape and a Sharpie.

    17. A Loofah


    What you'll need: A string, a rubber duckie, and a big ol' bunch of tulle.

    18. Sushi


    What you'll need: A pillow, a white dress or shirt, and a belt.

    19. Taco Bell Hot Sauces


    What you'll need: The right color dress, white construction paper, tape, and a Sharpie.

    20. The Hanging Chad Costume From How I Met Your Mother


    What you'll need: Poster board, a Sharpie, some scissors, and a string to hang it.

    21. Red Solo Cup


    What you'll need: A red dress and some white construction paper.

    22. Sexy Ghost


    What you'll need: A sheet. Then just put your underwear over that thing and you're set and sexy AF.

    23. Quailman


    What you'll need: A green vest, white underwear over cargo shorts, a white T-shirt, and a belt on your head.

    24. Redbox


    What you'll need: Literally just a red box.

    25. Error 404


    What you'll need: A white T-shirt and a Sharpie.

    26. "Ceiling Fan"


    What you'll need: Either a sign that says "Go ceiling!" or just write it on your shirt.

    27. And when all else fails, just google it.


    What you'll need: A white shirt, Google, a piece of paper, and tape.

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