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    19 Pizza Shops In The U.S. That’ll Change Your Damn Life

    Pizza crawl, anyone?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best pizza place they've ever eaten at in America. Here are the mouthwatering results.

    1. Giordano’s — Chicago

    The crust is perfectly light and flaky — then the pepperoni and cheese just comes together like a glorious symphony in your mouth.


    2. Grimaldi’s — Brooklyn, NY

    Classically delicious New York-style pizza cooked in a coal-brick oven, and it's right under the Brooklyn Bridge. The line for this stuff goes on for BLOCKS.


    3. Ian’s Pizza — Milwaukee

    Their mac 'n' cheese pizza is insanely good. A combination of the best two things in the world.


    4. Frank Pepe's — New Haven, Connecticut

    Their bacon and white clam pie will change your life.


    5. Serious Pie — Seattle

    It hurts me to say this as a proud Jersey boy, but it's the best damn pizza I've ever had.


    6. Lou Malnati's — Chicago

    Their buttery crust is unbeatable — even if you tend to skip out on pizza crusts, you'll want this one. It's passionately argued as one of the best pizza places in Chicago.


    7. Artichoke Basille's PizzaNew York City

    It has a creamy spinach artichoke dip-like substance instead of marinara and then it's drowned in cheese. Pure heaven.


    8. Via 313 — Austin

    Every piece is a deliciously crispy corner and the little scoopy pepperonis fill up with just the right amount of grease.


    9. We, The Pizza — Washington D.C.

    They have such a huge selection of random pizzas and they're all so darn tasty. It's a favorite on Capitol Hill.


    10. BAR — New Haven, Connecticut

    They have mashed potato and bacon pizza! What more can you ask for?


    11. Little Vincent’s — Long Island, New York

    You can ask for their "cold cheese slice," which is a regular slice they top with cold shredded mozzarella cheese, and it's so damn good.


    12. Piecasso — Stowe, Vermont

    Their margherita pie and brown sugar cinnamon pizzas are to die for. I drive two hours just for this pizza regularly. It's that worth it.


    13. Pequod’s — Chicago

    Their crispy cheese crust is perfection and makes you truly question which end of the slice you want to start eating from.


    14. Imo's — St. Louis

    It's pure St. Louis tradition and Jon Hamm is obsessed with it.


    15. Tony’s Pizza Napoletana — San Francisco

    The owner has studied for years on how to make literally every type of pizza imaginable. He can make Sicilian-style, Chicago-style, New York-style, and everything in between.


    16. L&B Spumoni Gardens — Brooklyn, NY

    Their signature square slices have just the right amount of puffiness and their Sicilian-style pizza is AMAZING.

    —Rianna Greenfield, Facebook

    17. The Backspace — Austin, TX

    Their thin-crust pies are the best thing I've ever had.


    18. Sizzle Pie — Portland, OR

    They have the most AMAZING vegan options. Their "Spiral Tap" pizza, which is topped with a creamy and caramelized onion spread, is my absolute favorite!


    19. And Lombardi's — New York City

    It's the first pizza place in the U.S. 'Nuff said.

    —Chandra Robrock, Facebook

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