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    18 First Kiss Horror Stories That'll Make You Feel Better About Your Own

    "Immediately after sloppily making out, the dude burped Doritos in my face..."

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their awkward first kiss stories. Here are their cringeworthy romantic encounters.

    1. Submitted by cducote

    "I made out with an incredibly attractive hockey player. The best part though, is that I learned the hard way that he was missing two of his front teeth — I didn't realize it until my tongue was exploring around his mouth."

    2. Submitted by senaxi

    "Our kisses were so 'passionate' that I was able to catch the saliva dripping from our mouths into my hand."

    3. Submitted by Eva Tiner (Facebook)

    "I was around 8 years old. I was watching The Little Mermaid with this kid, Travis, who was in town from Arizona for the summer. When 'Kiss the Girl' came on I was singing along and Travis misinterpreted this as instructions to, literally, kiss the girl. And he did. Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la to me."

    4. Submitted by stephanielenzs

    "My first kiss was on a beach trip. I was kissing this guy while standing in the ocean. While we were making out we seem to have attracted a crab that pinched the hell out of the guy's foot. He ended up having to get stitches."

    5. Submitted by Beca Anne (Facebook)

    "I was dating this boy in high school and I hadn't ever been kissed before (I was a late bloomer). I had read on the internets that the best way to French kiss was to spell out your name with your tongue. So this boy kissed me and I proceeded to spell my name out with my tongue inside his mouth. He started laughing hysterically mid-kiss and then ran away."

    6. Submitted by Brie Lowrey (Facebook)

    "Immediately after sloppily making out, the dude burped Doritos in my face..."

    7. Submitted by larissat5

    "My pastor's son and I had been consistently flirting for a few weeks. It was Halloween and we had a festival at the church, another girl was all over my crush and, being 12, I ran into the girls bathroom to cry. He followed me in and wiped away my tear…then kissed me. To break the tension he went into the stall and proceeded to USE IT. Yup. My first kiss was in my church's women's restroom followed by PISS."

    8. Submitted by Mandy Shelden (Facebook)

    "The kiss itself wasn't terribly awkward. It was sloppy, but then again, we were 12. But then he said, "Wanna fuck?' And I was like, 'WHUT.' And that was the longest, most awkward walk home ever. We. Were. 12."

    9. Submitted by carolinec4167be71d

    "In seventh grade I was 'dating' this guy and because middle school and puberty does awful things to people, we had quite a stark height contrast. When I finally decided to just suck it up and kiss the fool, he was standing right behind me, so I turned around super fast, jerked my head up, and puckered my lips. Because of our height difference, when I jerked my head up my nose collided with his chin, and rather than my first kiss I got a really impressive bloody nose."

    10. Submitted by Kirby McCauley (Facebook)

    "As my boyfriend was walking me out of his house he stopped me at the top of the stairs, spun me 'round, and kissed me. Except, his teeth crashed into mine, he lost his grip, knocking me all the way down the stairs. Our moms heard the noise and came running to see if I was OK. Physically, fine; ego, horribly bruised."

    11. Submitted by swim200run800

    "It was at a high school party during spring break; my twin sister knew I wanted to make out with this guy but was too nervous. To make her point that it was easy, she walked up and made out with him and then told him to kiss me. So, I basically kissed my twin."

    12. Submitted by Alexandra Stupka (Facebook)

    "I had some friends who I met up with every year and I knew that the one guys liked me a bit. I managed to get us alone and I kissed him. He then proceeded to jump on me and try to shove his tongue down my throat and eventually he bit down on my tongue and there was blood everywhere. I ran away mortified."

    13. Submitted by Allison Phillips (Facebook)

    "My first 'boyfriend' in middle school kissed me by the buses when school ended and the crossing guard caught us, screamed at us, and threatened to take us to the principal if he saw us doing it again. I don't think I even hugged him for about a month after that."

    14. Submitted by Mel Par (Facebook)

    "My first kiss was with my crush who was PLASTERED while we were watching The Exorcist."

    15. Submitted by lpretty

    "My boyfriend at the time forced his tongue into my mouth. I was NOT expecting that and must have jolted back but he held onto me, slipping his tongue in and out of my mouth like a dog licking the inside of my mouth."

    16. Submitted by Savannah Snow (Facebook)

    "It was my first boyfriend and we were at his family reunion. His 85 year-old great-grandma walked in on us and said, 'Way to go!' and then walked away."

    17. Submitted by leishat

    "My first kiss happened in the band storage closet my freshman year of high school. We were caught by a teacher and taken to the principal's office because it was against the rules for two girls to kiss. They called my mom… and that's how I came out to my parents."

    18. Submitted by Katie Cowley (Facebook)

    "My high school love had WAY too many drinks at a concert we were at, so we stepped outside to get some air. While we were standing on the rickety porch he leaned over the railing and began vomiting all over the place. Some of it managed to splash back up onto my jeans. I tried to go back inside to my friends, but lover boy caught me. He pressed me up against the side of a trailer, kissed me post-upchuck, grabbed a quick boob feel, and then told me my sister was hotter but that, "I would do.'"

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