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    26 Halloween Costumes That'll Actually Keep You Warm

    Who says you can’t be cozy on Halloween?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us the comfiest Halloween costume they've ever worn. These are sure to protect you from the cold.

    1. This bunch of Beanie Babies

    2. This ~grim~ rainbow pinwheel of death

    3. This Hans and Franz couple from "SNL" (and their dog)

    4. Bert from Mary Poppins and a penguin

    5. The hilarious news team from Anchorman

    6. These Bert and Ernie BFFs

    7. ~Bud~ Lightyear

    8. This clan of Crayola Crayons

    9. This villainous Cruella de Vil and a dalmatian

    10. Snooki

    11. This fluffy Furby

    12. These ~holy cows~

    13. This super Mrs. Incredible costume

    14. Inspector Gadget

    15. These lumberjacks rocking their cozy flannels

    16. The DIY Olaf

    17. This Orange is the New Black pack

    18. This snuggly Oreo couple

    19. Rafiki from The Lion King

    20. These amazing aliens from Toy Story

    21. This cute Carl and Ellie couple from Up

    22. This wickedly cool Wednesday Addams

    23. This DIY cactus

    24. This pig in a blanket

    25. This fluffy Grumpy cat

    26. And this hilarious Yeezus

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