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23 Random Things You'll Actually Want For Valentine's Day

Netflix, pizza, and wine are at the top of the list, because of course.

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they actually wanted for Valentine's Day. Here are their great gift ideas.

1. A very nice and bubbly bubble bath.


Submitted by winxwid

2. To watch your favorite TV show with no interruptions.


Submitted by ekuas

3. A night in. With beer.


Submitted by erinmichellestuart

4. Nachos and Netflix.

Thinkstock / MSPhotographic

Submitted by sarahw143

5. Weather that’s above 40 degrees.


Submitted by staceygrant

6. Four dozen cookie-dough doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts.


Submitted by marys49b7309e6

7. To sit on the Iron Throne.


Submitted by aliciareneeg

8. Books. Lots and lots of books. Hundreds of books.


Submitted by fritziefritzie

9. To play board games in your PJs.


Submitted by breannar3

10. To re-live your childhood and play Pokémon all day.

Cartoon Network

Submitted by lucyb45c511ca2

11. Strawberries stuffed with cheesecake and dipped in chocolate.

12. A giant teddy bear.

Universal Studios

Submitted by kennjackceli

13. To go play laser tag.


Submitted by monthlypurpleorange

14. A movie marathon with a few pints of Ben & Jerry’s.


Submitted by catherineesparanzaj

15. A one way flight to your favorite place in the world.

Apatow Productions

Submitted by melibellel

16. A bear hug from your best friend.

Illumination Entertainment

Submitted by justineh475afdf57

17. A meet and greet with your favorite celebrity.

Syco Entertainment

Submitted by therealzeris

18. To cuddle under a blanket with a bottle of wine.


Submitted by noellerosem

19. To go see a laser light show.

Q-dance / Via

Submitted by Becky Ann Merbler via Facebook

20. For someone to clean your entire apartment.


Submitted by Sara Ball via Facebook

21. To go back in time and see any concert or show you've ever wanted.


Submitted by Caroline Furber via Facebook

22. The world's best steak and lobster.


Submitted by Tyler Levin via Facebook

23. And vodka. A bottle of vodka.


Submitted by teaandream

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