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Spoiler Heavy Walking Dead "Nebraska" Review

It's what the title says. Spoilers within.

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The Walking Dead “Nebraska” Review

by DoubLeB on Sunday, February 12th, 2012

First, lets look at the highlights for tonight's episode by going to this link, (one advantage of going to my site is that it will be embedded):

“Nebraska” was a very okay Walking Dead Episode, and that might be stretching it a bit. It was disappointing to know that the only zombie action we see you could find at this very site nearly two weeks ago. Sure not everybody watched it then, but for those who did, at least I myself = disappointing.

Whats up with that girl fainting? Who the hell is that girl anyways? I don’t even know. Anyways Herschel didn’t really seem to be giving too much a fuck about her when Rick tried to fetch him. Who knows where their going with that.

Then you have Lori’s inexplicable car crash. I mean, what the hell was she doing leaving anyways? She knew that Rick was going out to get Herschel, why was she so impatient all of a sudden? Then she’s not paying attention for shit and smashed some zombie trying to cross the street, sending her car flying. What if that was just some dude crossing the street, so close to actually finding other people, then bam, here comes Lori.

The big capper had Rick playing target practice with two inquisitive strangers who acted as the targets. Where do you think they came from? Possibly from a certain colony of survivors led by a dude with a moniker that is associated with government? Fans of the comic should know what I’m talking about. Seriously, click on the link, buy it, read it. You’ll be able to outalk those jerk friends who talk about the damn show all day but haven’t read the comic.

Overall I give the episode a B-minus. After the next episode I might think more highly of it if it really set up anything, but for now, I needed a little more.

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