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20 Times 'Friends' Reminded Us That It Was The Whitest Show On Television

...whatever, we still love it

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1. When Chandler did this during the opening credits and reminded us that thumbs and index fingers should be joined while dancing

...also that collars should be buttoned all the way to your chin

2. DEFINITELY when Rachel pulled this move out of her back pocket

If we didn't see her mouthing the lyrics to the theme song, we would have just assumed she was dancing to Public Enemy or something

3. When we saw the furnished Central Perk set for the first time

Mmmmmm, earth tones...

Mmmmmm, earth tones...

4. When Ross wore these sleeves

5. When Chandler was full of these feelings

Just get some Lisa Loeb going, take a bath and relax, homeboy

6. When Joey bought an Encyclopedia to avoid the crippling anxiety of not keeping up with his friends' discussions of current events

7. When this outfit/hair combo happened

That night, I guess Ellen filmed her HBO 'One Night Stand' special naked

That night, I guess Ellen filmed her HBO 'One Night Stand' special naked

8. When this adorably funny song became a sensation

9. When the show cast Aisha Tyler and then put her in this scene with absolutely no lines whatsoever

View this video on YouTube's ok though, Ross crying into his margarita ate up a lot of time

10. When they dedicated nearly an entire episode to Ross getting a spray tan

12. When this happened every 9 seconds

13. ...oh, and this too

14. Nice try

15. When Joey totally reinforced the idea that as a young, struggling actor living in New York City, the hardest challenge you'll face is not being able to speak French all that well

16. When Jon Lovitz was a guest star


17. When the writers made Bruce Willis dance like this to make comedy happen

18. When Rachel pretended she was totally over Ross and then drunk dialed him to let him know about it

You go girl

19. When Ross pointedly corrected his friends on their grammar and spelling

20. ...and Gunther

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