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The Kansas City Royals Are Forcing Each Other To Use Fetty Wap Lyrics In Interviews

"I mean you can name 17...38 plays we've made all year, it's kind of unbelievable the way this team plays."

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According to Fox Sports Kansas City, the Kansas City Royals players are fining each other for not using Fetty Wap lyrics in their postgame interviews.

Players have been incorporating Fetty's line "1738" into as many interviews as possible.

If you don't know, Fetty Wap is a rapper who's best known for his hit song "Trap Queen."

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In a recent interview, Lorenzo Cain and Salvador Perez both managed to drop "1738" into their answers in pretty creative ways.

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Some reporters are confused by the meaning of "1738", but Kansas City Star reporter Andy McCullough has got it all figured out.

KC players are fining each other if they don't use "1738" in postgame interviews. I have no idea what it means. Success has driven them mad.

Oh, it has to do with Trap Queen? Then I am fully on board.

Cain on Bauer: "He was like a 17-38 to the plate." Hosmer on his RBIs against Cleveland: "I'll take 17. I'll take 38."

McCullough: "I am not putting that in newspaper." Moustakas: "Why not?" AM:: "It makes no sense." Moose: "It makes perfect sense."

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