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5 Ways To Make Your New Year’s Habits Actually Fun

Resolutions don't have to be a punishment to be effective! If you bring fun into the equation, 2018 will definitely be the year you stick to your goals.

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Make Adjustments:

Hey, just because you vowed on New Year’s Eve that you were going to lose 75 pounds, read every book on the Oxford recommended reading list, and avoid purchasing a new article of clothing all year long, doesn’t mean it’s the healthiest plan for your life. It may have seemed ideal at the time, but--let’s face it--you were drunk on the glitter, those cool 2018 glasses and too much fondue. It's okay. We’ve all been there. Now that you’re a few weeks into the new year, take a step back and reassess what you really want to accomplish. Set some reasonable goals combined with what you will do to accomplish them. This will develop helpful little habits, not catalyze unhelpful feelings of guilt.

Try Something New:

Find a way to fulfill your resolution by trying something new to make the task exciting. If you want to spend less money eating out, take a local cooking class to learn some new skills. If you’re wanting to become more physically active in 2018, try your hand at dancing, fencing, or a new sport.

Create Mile-Markers:

Make micro-goals that will set you on the right track throughout the year. Nothing is more motivating than knowing that you are already doing a great job--even if you haven’t met your goal in its totality. When you’ve met one of your micro-goals, don’t be afraid to reward yourself with something fun (just be sure it’s not a reward that sets back your progress).

Specificity is Key:

Avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, by instead being specific about your resolution. Instead of “become more organized” specify “create daily schedule” or “donate 3 boxes of clutter.”

Make it Easy on Yourself:

Preplan so you know what kinds of stumbling blocks you may run into. If you’re hoping to avoid eating out too often, pre-pack your lunches. If your goal is to meet new friends, preplan by finding out what local events will occur that month. Regardless of what your resolution might be, lay the groundwork to accomplish it ahead of time. Most importantly, make it easy on yourself by allowing for little setbacks. It’s a process, and as long as you’re trending in the right direction, you’re doing great!

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