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    10 Color Of The Year Gift Ideas (For Your On-Trend BFF)

    Any gift in Ultra Violet will have your trendsetting friend ready to start 2018 off with a bang.

    Pantone has announced the new color of the year, and if you're still looking for a gift this season, you have an easy guide when shopping for that fashion-forward friend.

    These rustic arrows to decorate her place in style:

    This rose gold and violet watch that will have everyone envious:

    This insulated and leak-proof water bottle to help with her hydration goals in 2018:

    This cotton robe that will ensure she looks her cozy best on those lazy sundays:

    This gorgeous amethyst and pearl necklace:

    These Oakley sunglasses because her other pair was so last year:

    These LED string lights to add just the pop of color she needs:

    This cute drawer organizer for all her fave beauty products:

    These super warm lined winter gloves:

    And finally, this cashmere plush throw for extra warmth: