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This Woman Has Over 350 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

"I know I'm crazy. I'll be the first one to admit I'm totally insane."

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Hannah and her mom are addicted to Christmas sweaters.

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Hannah bought her first piece, an ugly, smelly Christmas vest off Ebay, around six years ago.

From there, it snowballed into a "long-running joke of buying any vintage Christmas sweater" she could get her hands on.

She wears one every day during the month of December and constantly gets complimented on how fun they are.

She knows it's crazy, but the sweaters are so fun and make people happy!

In total, Hannah and her mom have probably spent $2,000 on Christmas sweaters. But, if they ever decide to sell them, some (most notably the character ones) are worth a lot of money.

"We could probably triple what we spent if we sold all of them."

But let's face it, she's so attached she'll probably keep them all.

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