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Comedians Took Over My Tinder For A Week And Their Pickup Lines Were Hilarious

"What's your venmo? I'll pay your student loans right now."

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Single AF Zach is back, and this time he got two comedians, Jake and Amir, to take over his Tinder. Here's how it all went down:

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Jake and Amir were excited to get this experiment underway! They had some concerns, like, "will the other person understand our jokes most of the time? Maybe not. At the very least we're making each other laugh." Which is not the point, but definitely a perk.


Look at this perfectly meta line:


"Juliet, it's me Romeo. I'm him. My name is Zach but I'm making a romantic Shakespeare reference to show you I'm literate. Now I'm subverting the pick up line to show you I'm self aware and understand this must be the only pickup line you get on this app."