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"Titanic" As Told By Cats

This romantic classic is now retold by cats, oh yes, and it's even better. Very much abridged but still the lovely tale of two love birds.. err.. cats.

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Our story starts out with our young lover, Jack, gambling for his one-way ticket to freedom.

Rose and her family ride first class to the Titanic.

Jack wins his ticket to freedom and grabs his stuff and a friend, though it isn't much.

All the while, Rose, our other lover is tidying up her belongings on the ship.

Jack then runs to the ship, as he his almost late for departure!

And they're off.

Rose, in a rage of emotion, ran a bit too fast over edge and well..

Good thing Jack was there to get her.

Rose's mother isn't much for Jack, however.

Jack and Rose quickly fall in love.

Which leads to sneaking around, and other things..

Jack does try to sketch Rose, because he is a good artist, in a very compromising position.

The band plays a lovely tune

The ship, after hitting an iceberg, crashes and sinks. Rose and Jack make it to safety on a wooden door where Rose promises "to never let go".


Go ahead, sink the ship. (Use your mouse)

I'll never let go, Jack... Yeah, right

Rose pretty much freezes on the door...

But eventually makes it to safety.

Our story ends with Rose getting old and often thinking about how there was plenty of room on the door for Jack too, and wishes she wasn't so selfish when she was younger.

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