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10 Things You Don't Realize That You're Doing

Here's ten things that you do, and usually don't realize that you're doing it. Yeah, worst of all, we all look this stupid.

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1. You say "What," and before the question can be restated you answer it.

2. You fidget with your fingers. CONSTANTLY, without even realizing it.

3. You say "Umm," a thousand times per thought.

4. You stare. For a very, very long time.

5. You put that dirty pen, that you know nothing of its whereabouts, in your mouth.

6. You get louder when you become angry or frustrated.

7. You turn down music when trying to read things, especially when you're in the car.

8. You look at the clock multiple times before you actually know what time it is.

9. You smile, even sometimes when you're not expecting to.

10. You're probably touching your face right now?

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