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    • brennaraed

      Please don’t use Vick’s Vapo-Rub or any cooling product around pets. The smell may discourage chewing or it may not. Ifadog does chew it, ingesting menthol can cause gastrointestinal upset and oral inflammation. Also, if your dog ingests anything with Xylitol (such as many chewing gums and cough drops) get it toavet immediately as it will causeasevere and sudden drop in blood sugar. As for anti-chewing try Vet’s Best Bitter Cherry, or mix up some vinegar and lemon withalittle cayenne if an all-natural remedy is needed. Otherwise use Fooey orasimilar anti-chew spray that is formulated to be safe for dogs. Spray it in the dog’s mouth after they smell it at first so they associate the smell with something bad, but don’t be cruel, and don’t endanger your pet by using VapoRub!

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