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12 Things That Are Different In Real Life Than At A Music Festival

try as you may... they won't let you stay forever.

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1. Your neighbors do not want to sell, buy or do drugs with you...

2. If you walk around the streets with open beer, you can get arrested.

3. Wearing clothes in public is actually encouraged...

4. Strangers don't usually respond well to random high fives, chants and unsolicited hugs.

5. Not showering for four days isn't socially acceptable

6. Also if you walk around town with mud, dirt and sweat all over you, people will throw shade.


7. And if you wake up your neighbors for a 4 AM dance party they will probably respond like this...

8. People waiting in line don't really want to talk to you about where they are from...

They will probably just ignore you...

9. If you walk door to door selling drugs, someone will call the police.

10. People in the real world aren't that interested in your independent music suggestions.

11. Sining in unison as you walk home isn't exactly normal.

12. Neither is napping in the middle of a field...

Basically music festivals are a magical place where you can do whatever you want and real life sucks

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