Dominic Monaghan: A Man Of Many Scarves

After watching many episodes of Wild Things starring Dominic Monaghan I have discovered the man loves him a good scarf.

1. Wait, who’s Dominic Monaghan?

You may not know the name, but he was in a little movie called Lord of the Rings and just some Indy show called LOST.

2. The guy is super cool

just look at that pose

3. Oh well that explains it

Urban Dictionary explains Dominic looks really good in a scarf

4. Lets start out saying Dominic is a very good looking guy, and is very fashion forward

The thin scarf accompanied by shades and a car.

5. Dom can rock any scarf, and will wear one almost anywhere doing anything

The winter scarf in the dessert with a venomous snake and shades.

6. He will wear a scarf even if you don’t notice its a scarf

The tie-replacer scarf and a fancy movie premier.

7. Dom will wear a scarf anywhere and this includes in the middle of the rain forest

The burlap scarf in the rain forest holding a giant beetle.

8. Well then.

The thin red scarf in a sexy pose.

9. Urban Dictionary said he looked good in a hat and scarf so if your going to go for it than just bring out all the stops

The thin white scarf, wearing all black and a woman’s hat

10. Dom doesn’t just wear scarves in real life, some of the characters he plays do too

The animal print scarf with eyeliner. It’s a good look.

11. And the mother of all scarves

Dom has a shirt with a scarf on it! You know, for when he forgets to put one on. A scarf, I mean.

12. What can he say, he just really loves scarves.

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