27 Reasons James Franco Is The Best

Hes James Franco and we love him! From his curly hair to his big smile, This Academy award nominated actor is magnificent

1. 1. Just look at him

2. 2. We love him even as an awkward teenager

3. 3. Hes a little too easy to love

4. 4. He makes the perfect meme

7. 5. When hes on SNL

10. 6. He makes a fantastic Gucci model

11. 7. When he works with Funny or Die

12. 8. His Whosay account

14. 9. He is basically James Dean

15. 10. Spring Breakers

16. 11. 127 Hours

17. 12. He loves his Grandma

18. 13. He rocks the mustache

19. and the goatee

20. but he cant really grow a beard

21. 14. He loves cats

22. Well hes always loved cats

23. and all animals

25. 15. When you love one Franco your bound to love another

28. 16. Freaks and Geeks

32. 18. He still has some of the same friends

36. 20. He writes

37. 21. Hes the Great and Powerful OZ

40. 22. He has his own doll

The good one

and the bad one

43. 23. He has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

45. 24. He frequents Disneyland

48. 25. His Instagram account

49. 26. Hes an Over achiever

He received permission to take as many as 62 course credits per quarter at UCLA compared to the normal limit of 19, while still continuing to act.

50. 27. His Smile


I hope if you didn’t like James Franco before, you do now!

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