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    LOST Islanders Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

    Ever Wonder what houses the losties would end up with? "NO"? I don't care I did it anyway


    Jack Shepard

    James "Sawyer" Ford

    Jin-Soo Kwon

    Michael Dawson

    Ana-Lucia Cortez

    Charlotte Staples Lewis


    Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

    Sayid Jarrah

    Claire Littleton

    Charlie Pace

    Richard Alpert

    Frank Lapidus

    Rose and Bernard

    Boone Carlyle


    John Locke

    Sun Hwa-Kwon

    Juliet Burke

    Desmond Hume

    Walt Lloyd

    Daniel Faraday

    Libby Smith


    Kate Austen

    Ben Linus

    Miles Straume

    Shannon Rutherford

    Eloise Hawking


    Jacob's Brother