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    If "Game Of Thrones" Episodes Were Titled Like "Friends" Episodes

    All 50 Episodes (thus far) of Game of Thrones, with Friends titles.

    S1E1: The One Where Ned Becomes Hand of the King

    S1E2: The One Where Nymeria Gets Away

    S1E3: The One Where They Go To King's Landing

    S1E4: The One With the Tourney - Part 1

    S1E5: The One With the Tourney - Part 2

    S1E6: The One With Viserys' Crown

    S1E7: The One Where Tywin Skins a Stag

    S1E8: The One Where The Starks Are Screwed

    S1E9: The One At Baelor's Sept

    S1E10: The One With The Baby Dragons

    S2E1: The One With the Red Comet

    S2E2: The One Where Theon Can't Remember His Sister

    S2E3: The One Where Renly Has An Army

    S2E4: The One With The Shadow Baby

    S2E5: The One Where A Girl Gives A Man A Name

    S2E6: The One With The Riot

    S2E7: The One Where Dany Can't Find Her Dragons

    S2E8: The One With the Dragonglass

    S2E9: The One With The Wildfire

    S2E10: The One At The House Of The Undying

    S3E1: The One Where Jon Meets Ygritte's Boss

    S3E2: The One Where Catelyn's Dad Dies

    S3E3: The One With The Dead Horse Art

    S3E4: The One Where Dany Speaks Valyrian

    S3E5: The One Where Jamie Takes A Bath

    S3E6: The One With the Metaphorical Ladder

    S3E7: The One With The Bear

    S3E8: The One With The Leeches

    S3E9: The One With the Wedding

    HBO / Via


    S3E10: The One Where Ramsay Eats Sausage

    S4E1: The One Where The Hound Wants Chicken

    S4E2: The One With Joffery and Margaery's Wedding

    S4E3: The One With The Meereenese Champion

    S4E4: The One With Brienne's New Sword

    S4E5: The One With The New King

    S4E6: The One With the Trial

    Helen Sloan / Via

    S4E7: The One Where Lysa Is Crazy

    S4E8: The One Where Oberyn Goes Too Far

    S4E9: The One With A Giant And A Mammoth

    S4E10: The One With The Crossbow

    S5E1: The One With The Flashback

    S5E2: The One With The Election

    S5E3: The One Where Tommen and Margarery... You Know

    S5E4: The One With The SandSnakes

    S4E5: The One With The Awkward Dinner

    S5E6: The One With All The Faces

    S5E7: The One Where Cersei Gets What's Coming

    S5E8: The One At Hardhome

    S5E9: The One Where Stannis Is The Worst

    S5E10: The One With The Penance Walk

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