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Here Are The Three Coolest New Things From Google's Experimental Lab

Touchscreens in midair, touchscreens on clothes, and a build-a-phone.

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Today, Google held its ATAP I/O Keynote.

Advanced Technologies & Projects, a division within Google, is a lab that traditionally works on really cool, futuristic projects. Today's presentation was a look at what the company is developing.

It didn't disappoint.


Namely, tiny sensors that fit inside a smartwatch.

The product of Google's Project Soli, they detect movement from a hand that's above the watch, and can interpret incredibly detailed gestures.

And the replacement is... nothing.


It's another alternative to the touchscreen — but in this case, it's a jacket.

Basically, ATAP has developed special conductive materials that can be woven into threads, creating interactive textiles. The fabrics can be used to make clothing in any color, style, and size. Google's first partnership using the textile will be with Levi's, but it plans to work with other fashion brands as well.


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