These 20 Hidden Easter Eggs Prove That "The Office" Writers Are Pure Genius

    From Andy's Call of Duty name to the OTHER World's Best Boss mug.

    1. David Wallace also has a World's Best Boss mug.

    David at his desk with Jan and Michael speaking with him, the mug is on his desk

    2. Michael uses his own brand of salad dressing.

    Michael eating and speaking with Jan as the salad dressing bottle sits on his desk

    3. Lazy or hilarious?

    a newspaper clipping featuring michael scott and dwight in '80s attire

    4. Your name's not John!

    Jim signing Meredith's pelvic cast

    5. Stanley's two-for-one resolution doesn't quite make sense.

    Pam leading a meeting about new years resolutions

    6. Oscar loves his wine a bit to much...

    Oscar taking a big swig straight from a bottle of wine

    7. Michael needs a new TV.

    Pam and Michael working on the Michael Scott Paper Company in his living room

    8. But then, Michael moves on!

    a random woman looking at Michael's garage sale objects

    9. The return of the creepy clown.

    the garage sale in the Dunder Mifflin basement

    10. Bob Vance – annoying or genius?

    Bob and Phyllis staring into each other's eyes and smiling

    11. Michael’s tiramisu is "trashy."

    Michael eating some dessert at his desk while talking

    12. Getting meta with Michael's favorite paperclips.

    13. Who's the best Assistant Regional Manager?

    Jim sleeping at his desk, revealing his nameplate

    14. Creed's fake name isn’t very fake.

    a close up of Creed's fake passport

    15. Where is Jim’s real hair?

    Jim walking through the office

    16. Andy's obsessed with a cappella.

    Andy playing Call of Duty in the office on his computer

    17. St. Patrick's Day got a little wild.

    Stanley sitting at his desk and, in a rare occurrence, smiling

    18. It was his own wedding!

    the entrance

    19. Jim the cameraman!

    20. And lastly, the U.K. and U.S. Offices united!