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    These 20 Hidden Easter Eggs Prove That "The Office" Writers Are Pure Genius

    From Andy's Call of Duty name to the OTHER World's Best Boss mug.

    1. David Wallace also has a World's Best Boss mug.

    David at his desk with Jan and Michael speaking with him, the mug is on his desk

    Uh oh! Michael isn’t the only Best Boss at Dunder Mifflin. In season 2, episode 16, “Valentines Day,” you can see that David Wallace has a black mug with the words "World's Best Boss" printed on it in a cursive font. It’s unclear whether he bought it himself, but we all know who the real Best Boss is...

    2. Michael uses his own brand of salad dressing.

    Michael eating and speaking with Jan as the salad dressing bottle sits on his desk

    In season 4, episode 2, "Fun Run," Michael and Jan are talking about ageism when Michael starts eating his salad. If you look closely at the jar on his desk, it's labeled, “Great Scott," and you can see his face on it. I wonder why it never hit the shelves?

    3. Lazy or hilarious?

    a newspaper clipping featuring michael scott and dwight in '80s attire

    In season 1, episode 4, "The Alliance," an old newspaper was caught on camera. There are two things here – the first, if you look behind Michael and Dwight, you can spot Meredith. The second is the article itself – if you look at the story, the article begins quite reasonably, saying, "Welcome to yet another exciting edition of the Dunder Mifflin Employee Newsletter." But by the second paragraph, things get a little strange. It reads:

    "As anybody can easily tell, this newsletter doesn't really have a lot to say. It's really just a prop to fill some space and sort of look like a newsletter without really being much of a newsletter at all ... In fact, at times we can probably get away with not using real English words, such as kjgavbiwiwpo..."

    4. Your name's not John!

    Jim signing Meredith's pelvic cast

    In season 4, episode 3, "Dunder Mifflin Infinity," Michael hits Meredith with his car, and she breaks her pelvis. When Jim signs her cast, he signs it "John Krasinski" which is the actor's real name. Well... at least she has his autograph...

    5. Stanley's two-for-one resolution doesn't quite make sense.

    Pam leading a meeting about new years resolutions

    In season 6, episode 1, “Gossip," we learn that Stanley has been cheating on his wife, Teri, with a lady named Cynthia. In season 7, episode 13, "Ultimatum," he showed everyone that he still hasn’t changed. His new years resolution was to be a better husband and boyfriend. In order to do that, he'd have to choose one although it's impressive how long he kept it up.

    6. Oscar loves his wine a bit to much...

    Oscar taking a big swig straight from a bottle of wine

    Oscar was a bit too eager to start drinking that bottle of Chateau Galmon. In season 8, episode 12, "Pool Party," no one noticed that the prop label was still on the bottom. If you pause it at the right time, you can clearly see that there's a strip of tape labeled, "Oscar."

    7. Michael needs a new TV.

    Pam and Michael working on the Michael Scott Paper Company in his living room

    Michael and Jan broke up after all hell broke lose in the Season 4 episode, "Dinner Party," but he held onto a key reminder of his ex well into Season 5.

    In "Dream Team," Pam visits Michael's place to start the Michael Scott Paper Company, and his old pride and joy — the mini plasma TV Jan shattered by throwing a Dundie Award at it — is still mounted on the wall. The most hilarious part of the situation? Michael clearly got a new television which he placed directly under the broken flatscreen, neglecting to trash the old one.

    8. But then, Michael moves on!

    a random woman looking at Michael's garage sale objects

    At long last, in "Garage Sale," Episode 19, of Season 7, Michael is finally ready to part with his tiny broken plasma TV. But rather than throw it out, he attempts to SELL IT at the warehouse garage sale. I wonder how much he got for it?

    9. The return of the creepy clown.

    the garage sale in the Dunder Mifflin basement

    Remember that creepy picture of the clown that hung in the hallway of Jim and Pam's house? Well, it looks like they finally were able to get it down and bring it to the garage sale. I don’t know who'd buy that thing though...

    10. Bob Vance – annoying or genius?

    Bob and Phyllis staring into each other's eyes and smiling

    Any fan of The Office knows that Phyllis's husband, Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration), loves to plug his business whenever he gets the chance.

    But one theory considers the idea that Bob Vance wasn't simply trying to market Vance Refrigeration to Dunder Mifflin employees — instead, perhaps he was constantly repeating his company name for the cameras filming the Dunder Mifflin documentary in hopes that if the footage ever aired, it'd be free advertising. As annoying as that was, we have to hand it to him – it was smart!

    11. Michael’s tiramisu is "trashy."

    Michael eating some dessert at his desk while talking

    This one's kind of a long story, but in Season 5, Episode 10, "The Surplus," Jim gives Pam a piece of tiramisu as a peace offering after going out to lunch with Michael.

    Pam rejects the offering and throws the tiramisu away, but in a later scene, we see Michael eating a piece of tiramisu at his desk. Though some speculate Michael also brought tiramisu back from the restaurant, he was seen walking into the office alongside Jim empty-handed. He even claps at a joke. Michael later takes a shot at Pam, scolding her for throwing away "perfectly good tiramisu" just because it has a hair on it, so all signs point to him digging Pam's dessert out of the trash. It's kind of gross considering that Michael found a hair since that's not why Pam threw it out. At least he’s not wasting food?

    12. Getting meta with Michael's favorite paperclips.


    In Season 5, Episode 1, "Weight Loss," Michael introduces Pam to the office's replacement receptionist, Ronnie, via video chat, explaining that Ronnie is unable to find "those little colored paper clips" he likes so much.

    Somehow, an easter egg mastermind discovered that Jim and Pam's license plate, CHD-0032, is the model number for those clips Michael likes. (If you Google the plate number, they come up.)

    13. Who's the best Assistant Regional Manager?

    Jim sleeping at his desk, revealing his nameplate

    Dwight spent season after season begging for the title "Assistant Regional Manager" instead of "Assistant to the Regional Manager," and all Jim had to do to get it was transfer to the Stamford branch.

    In Season 3, Episode 6, "Diwali," Jim falls asleep at his desk, and we get a peek at that nameplate. However, I think we can all agree that Dwight does it best.

    14. Creed's fake name isn’t very fake.

    a close up of Creed's fake passport

    In Season 4, Episode 4, "Dunder Mifflin Infinity," Creed Bratton — the character on The Office played by actor Creed Bratton — explained that whenever he gets into financial trouble, he transfers his debt to a man named "William Charles Schneider." As it turns out, William Charles Schneider is actor Creed's real name, and there's a good chance that's his real passport. Creed better come up with a better name!

    15. Where is Jim’s real hair?

    Jim walking through the office

    John Krasinski received some feedback on Jim's floppy hair over the years, but if things looked a little off in Season 3, it wasn't his fault.

    Krasinski had to cut his hair short for his role in the film Leatherheads which gave him no choice but to wear a wig during the last six episodes of The Office's third season. No wonder it was looking a little stringy!

    16. Andy's obsessed with a cappella.

    Andy playing Call of Duty in the office on his computer

    Viewers get a glimpse of Andy playing Call of Duty in Season 3, Episode 5, "Initiation." If you look closely, you'll see his username is a very fitting: "Here Comes Treble" — named after his college a cappella group, who we later learn more about in the Season 9 episode, "Here Comes Treble."

    17. St. Patrick's Day got a little wild.

    Stanley sitting at his desk and, in a rare occurrence, smiling

    Season 6, Episode 19, "St. Patrick's Day," we see the office really goes all out for the holiday. For example, did you notice Michael has an Italian flag on his desk instead of an Irish one? Or that they dyed the water in the community water cooler green? Who’s sneakier – The Office writers/prop team or Leprechauns?

    18. It was his own wedding!

    the entrance

    Congrats to Pam Beesly and Jim HalpRET on their wedding. Was this a typo or an intentional joke? It looks like nothing went their way at this wedding.

    19. Jim the cameraman!


    This one's less of a "did you notice?" and more of a "did you know?" but John Krasinski, the man you know and love as Jim Halpert, is semi-responsible for the iconic Office intro. According to TV Guide, Krasinski shot scenes from the opening credits sequence while on a research trip. Look at Jim! I hope he got a bonus for those pictures.

    20. And lastly, the U.K. and U.S. Offices united!

    Google Maps

    What would the U.S. version of The Office be without a reference to the UK version of the series?

    The address of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton office is 1725 Slough Avenue, Scranton, PA, which is special because there's a town in the UK called Slough, where the UK version of the show just so happens to take place.