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    • brendand6

      I’d like to add #27:
      While living in Ireland in 2002, this Italian/American girl andIwent toaswanky hotel bar onadate because she & her friends were U2 fans and they happened to own the hotel. Unbeknownst to me, Foo Fighters were in Dublin foramusic festival that week.Aquite laid back place, not too busy as it wasaweekday.Ithen see2guys andagirl walk through the entrance, no entourage or anything, but immediatelyInotice it’s Dave Ghrol and the bass player.Iturn to Gabriella and say, “Holy shit, it’s Dave Ghrol.” inanormal tone of voice. Not beingabig place, Dave hears me and gives mea”what’s up” nod. Then, he proceeds to sit in the bar stool right next to me and just starts upaconversation asking me whatIwas doing in Dublin. We ended up talking foragood bit and even signedabeer coaster of the “Octagon Bar” whenIsaid that none of my friends back home would believe me. Thankfully I’m not easily star-struck orIwoulda felt likeareal douche. So we just ended up yapping forabit.Iwasalittle tipsy, butIthinkIdid buy himaround (as is customary among groups of people drinking together in Ireland) and he got us back for the next round.
      The dude is one hell ofaclass act.

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