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You Don’t Know How To Start Your Makeup?

You have a date with a guy you like or perhaps you have an event during the day or maybe you want to learn more about beauty tips ... But you don’t know how to start your makeup! Don’t worry; I'll give you some tips that will enhance you beauty.

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1. Clean your face deeply / Via

You can use clean commercial products or just a good soap that will leave your face out impurities. I use Noxzema products because it gives me a fresh and clean skin but you use a product that you prefer.

3. Time to use your eyelash curler / Via

You must curl your eyelashes before you apply your shadows. You can use a little of your mascara to avoid that your eyelashes fall.

*TIP: You can use your spoon to curl your lashes when you don’t have an eyelash curler, at the beginning it takes time… so be patient!.

4. Eye Shadow / Via

Before you begin to apply your shadow, use a little of your foundation makeup and cover your eyelid. Then, proceed with the shadows that must be applied from the outside to the inside.

a) You must apply a light color that covers your eyelid. Usually, I use a color with a level lower than the color of my skin.

b) Then, use a color a little more intensive just like the one in the picture.

c) Finally, apply a dark color (it can be black o dark brown shadow).

BE CAREFUL! You may use a handkerchief under your eyes to prevent remnants of the shadow falling on your face.

My favorites shadows are from MAC COSMETICS, specially the ones that are mineralized eye shadows.

6. Eyeliner / Via

Use a black o dark brown color to draw a line above your eyelashes. I recommend waterproof or gel eyeliner.

My eyes are too small so I use the eyeliner above my upper eyelashes but if you want to emphasize your look you can apply your eyeliner under your lower eyelashes.

If you have big eyes you can apply your eyeliner above of your upper eyelashes and above of your lower eyelashes.

7. Proceed with your Foundation makeup / Via

You can distribute it evenly with a makeup brush. For a natural appearance I recommend a foundation that goes with your skin color. Then, you can use a powder plus foundation for a better look.

8. Shading Eyebrows / Via

You can use a shadow that allows to fill your eyebrow. Usually, the shadow must combine with the color of your eyebrow.

It’s crucial that you care the four aspects of your eyebrows that are represented in the image below.

1.Cover the start of your eyebrow drawing a square

2.Emphasize the arc of your eyebrow

3.Cover the end of your eyebrow

4.Do not forget that the end of the eyebrow should be at the same level as the beginning of it

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