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    • brendamarieb

      I went down the pain pill road it was part to blame I think on being put on Ritalin 3 times a day as a kid, that put in my head I need a pill to function, then when I got a bad injury they put me on narcotic pain pills, and again my body and mind thinks need pills to feel better. Before I knew it I was hooked, making up illnesses to get them. Finally after 15 yrs of this and still living, God moved in me and gave me the strength to get off and stay off and now I am 2 yrs clean and feel better than I did when I was 25…. Some people get innocently hooked..has nothing to do with bringing up wrong?..then when u get hooked you start using to cover up emotional pain as well …I will never go down that road again by the grace of GOD….

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