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11 Of The Worst Things That The "Harry Potter" Movies Did To The Books

I LOVE the Harry Potter series... but only the books.

Note: there are major Harry Potter spoilers (for books and movies).

1. Kreacher’s redemption was belittled

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Not only does Kreacher cooperate with the Trio in the books, but he starts being helpful and even cheerful. Kreacher then further proves his loyalty to Harry when he leads the Hogwarts house-elves (also omitted) in the Battle of Hogwarts. And since we’re talking about House-elves, SPEW was also cut.

2. Harry breaks the Elder Wand

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YOU CANNOT JUST GO AND BREAK THE ELDER WAND!!!!! IT'S A DEATHLY HALLOW! ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL OBJECTS TO EXIST!!! On a more rational level, Harry doesn't fix his beloved phoenix-feather-wand, so he is left with just Malfoy's wand. In the books, Harry puts the wand back in Dumbledore's grave, so its power would die when Harry died.

3. Percy Weasley fallout and redemption

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Percy cutting himself off from his family in Order of the Phoenix is cut completely in the movies. Therefore he has no redemption in the Deathly Hallows. Percy coming to Hogwarts to help fight Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts was supposed to be a big deal and showed Percy admitting that he was wrong. Furthermore, Percy is also the one who was with Fred when he dies in the books, making it all the more emotional (they just got back together). But then again, at least he was included (unlike Charlie).

4. Fleur standing up to Mrs. Weasley after Bill’s attack is left out

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This is a very pivotal moment for Fleur and Mrs. Weasley. Before, the Weasleys seemed to collectively hate Fleur because they thought she was a superficial priss. This showed that Fleur was a fighter, and that she truly loved Bill for him, not his looks. Also, I am aware that this was slightly mentioned in The Deathly Hallows, but that's not enough for me.

5. Harry and Ginny’s relationship sucked

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Hinny is the best ship in the Harry Potter series, but the movies ruin it. There's no chemistry. The movies did not really make me care about what happened to them as a couple. Not only is there no passion, but it's also extremely awkward and cringy (and I hate that word!). Then again, Ginny's whole character is made pretty bland and not extremely memorable.

6. The Dursley’s leaving Privet Drive in the Deathly Hallows

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This moment in the books really shows how little the Dursleys know about Harry’s life in the wizarding world, how much danger he is in, and how much he has gone through. It also includes somewhat of a reconciliaton between Dudley and Harry when Dudley tells him that he doesn’t seem like a waste of space and says that Harry did, in fact, save his life in Order of the Phoenix. Although it doesn’t seem like a lot, it does show growth in Dudley.

7. Viktor Krum is more of a lone wolf

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The movies make Krum out to be a macho jock, or more of a “physical being,” as Hermione says. However, in the books, he is very shy, studious, and seems to want out of the limelight. He seems to genuinely like Hermione.

8. Going back in time in the Prisoner of Azkaban

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The books really made sure to emphasize THAT YOU CANNOT MESS WITH WHAT ALREADY HAPPENED. However, in the movies, Hermione is throwing rocks and such (it even accentuates that Hermione sees herself, which would make her go insane).

9. They significantly aged up the class of ‘78 (aka the Maurader’s class)

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I'm going to use Order of the Phoenix as my gauge. All of the actors were over 42 years old when filming. However, during the books, all of the characters were only 36 by the end. I am aware that they did this mainly because they wanted Alan Rickman to be Snape (and Alan Rickman did play Snape very well). However, this downplays the tragedy of Lily and James's death as they were only 21 when Voldemort killed them.

10. They cut out most of the jokes

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Most of Fred and George’s jokes were cut, most of Lee Jordan was cut, most comebacks were cut. We need some fun to keep the books from getting too dark.

11. Harry is so much more arrogant in the movies

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Harry seems to hate all the fame from being “The Boy Who Lived” in the books, but the movies make it seem like he enjoyed it. Harry's humility is what was supposed to really set him apart from James and was a big part of Lily shown in him. Harry fully believed that everything that he did was only because of the help he had or luck (as he says during the creation of Dumbledore’s Army).