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    6 Funny Things You Didn't Know About Tommy Wiseau

    Greg Sestero shares 6 things about Tommy Wiseau that you likely didn't know

    Have you watched the Disaster Artist? The Room? Yes, Tommy Wiseau is a pretty enigmatic guy. I recently bumped into his buddy Greg Sestero and he shared with me 6 things about Tommy that you likely didn't know.

    1) When Tommy Wiseau met Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther), he thought Black Panther was a circus show.

    2) In preparation for his new crime thriller film Best F(r)iends, Tommy Wiseau spent considerable time at a real morgue in downtown Los Angeles analyzing deceased corpses. It reaffirmed his belief in ghosts.

    3) When sharing a drink with friends, Tommy always believes you should cheers 3 times for good luck.

    4) Tommy believes the correct pronunciation of Arkansas is Ar-Kansas

    5) Tommy refuses to wait in any lines (airports, restaurants, book signings, etc) and due to his vampiric appearance, it works every time.

    6) Before The Room, Tommy had written another San Francisco based story called The Vampire From Alcatraz: King of Vampires

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