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    5 Ways Regtech Will Help Stabilize Crypto Markets

    Regtech can help alleviate major challenges in Crypto Economy

    Crypto markets is a young industry with limited regulation, a lesser diversity of investors, and a lack of more mature outlook. This has led to the crypto world being unstable and volatile.

    Helping potential investors understand the risks, or even tolerance for related volatilities and risks, has been a charter of the SEC and will remain that way for the crypto economy.

    I turned to 5 Regulatory and Crypto experts from the industry to explore ways Regtech ( technology for regulatory compliance) can help address complex challenges within the Crypto Markets.

    Regulatory Oversight of Bots to prevent flash crashes

    Regulatory oversight of bots to prevent flash crashes. There are regulations in equities to prevent these “flash crashes” that don’t exist in crypto. It’s in everyone’s interest that Bitcoin price doesn’t drop 99% on one exchange because of bot trading and there’s a fair and orderly trading market - CEO CoinFi Timothy Tan

    Establishing Capital Markets for Cryptospace to get more mature players

    Retail regulatory layer is already pretty well established — exchanges need to comply with dozen regulations and obtain licenses in different jurisdictions.The capital markets layer is not that established yet which prevents more mature players to enter the cryptocurrency market with vehicles like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) - Arturs Ivanovs Founder FIC Network

    Providing banks with clear and permissive guidelines around backing crypto businesses


    Due to ambiguity and unclear guidelines, banks are not equipped and well informed of the crypto markets. Providing clear guidelines to banks would help stabilize crypto markets - Andy Higgs GM Centrality

    Transparent Accounting

    Proper recording of finances for crypto treasuries and transaction will enable a new accounting economy - Jon Fox Co-Founder FR8 Network

    Increased Due Diligence

    ipeaders blog

    It is important to raise the bar in terms of due diligence, to ensure projects have legitimate use-cases, token economies and development teams capable of achieving the project goals. It is inevitable to steer clear if there is no tangible working product or an alpha version of the project - CEO Fansunite Darius Egdhami

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