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15 Things You Should Do When You Get Out Of A Bad Relationship

No more brooding about what could've been. You've broken up -- now it's time to be awesome.

1. Reflect on the time you spent together. And then forget about it immediately.

2. Cut off all communication with your ex.

3. Get psyched about being single again.

4. Catch up on everything that you missed out on.

5. Reconnect with estranged friends and family members.

6. Dance with a stranger. Or two. Or three.

7. Treat yo'self.

8. Pick up a new hobby.

9. Face your fears.

10. Attempt the impossible.

11. Take a road trip with friends.

12. Take a cooking class.

13. Or maybe learn how to DJ.

14. Start looking for something better.

15. And remember:

Isn't it about time you took care of you?