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11 Crazy State Laws That Offer Grounds For Divorce

Trapped in a bad relationship? Don't sweat it. If these silly state laws can set you free, then breaking up is a whole lot simpler than it seems.

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3. In Truro, Massachusetts...

The Bridgeman Art Library Frederick Barnard / Getty Images

...a groom must prove himself by hunting and killing either six blackbirds or three crows.

8. In Montana...

Via's illegal for a married woman to fish alone on Sunday. And it's illegal for an unmarried woman to fish alone at all. That said, kitten fishing is encouraged all year round.

10. In Waynesboro, Virginia...

Via's illegal for a woman to drive a car up Main Street, unless her husband is walking in front of the vehicle and waving a red flag. In other news, it's still 1880 in Waynesboro, Virginia.

11. In Rhode Island...

iStockphoto Paul Vasarhelyi / Getty Images

...a marriage where either party is considered an "idiot" or a "lunatic" will be nulled or voided. Which is probably why so few reality TV shows take place in Rhode Island.

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