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Can You Tell Which Celeb Criminals Have Done Hard Time?

Criminal scandal is nothing new for celebrities. But based on these whiskey-soaked mugs, can you tell which have actually faced hard time? Some may surprise you!

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  • 1. Andy Dick

    Indeed, aptly named Mr. Dick is facing felony sexual assault charges.

  • 2. Joshua Jackson

    Nope! Pacey narrowly avoided drug charges and only grabbed himself a misdemeaner for being drunk and disorderly.

  • 3. Robert Downey Jr.

    He was facing - and did - hard time after repeated arrests and failure to show up for drug testing RD did a year in prison.

  • 4. Amy Winehouse

    Despite her repeated drug and assault charges, she has never faced serious time behind bars.

  • 5. Phil Spector

    Probably one of the better known celebs facing hard time, storied record producer Spector was sentenced to 19 years for murder.

  • 6. Lindsay Lohan

    Despite being a mugshot favorite, Lindsay's DUI charges were ultimately dropped.

  • 7. Lil Wayne

    Lil Wayne faces weapons and drug charges, but ya know, courts be burnin' down and stuff so no word on prison just yet!

  • 8. O.J. Simpson

    Can you believe it!? OJ got off....for murder. But if he did it, he'd totally do it like this.

  • 9. MaCauley Culkin

    Arrested on drug charges, Culkin managed to skirt any jailtime.

  • 10. Snoop Dogg

    Murder was the case that they gave him....but he was later acquitted. No time behind bars!

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